While at work, I agreed to do an impromptu dinner party at my home for that evening…. then the panic set in…. what to fix? Then I remembered one of Teresa’s meals waiting in my refrigerator, what a great dinner solution!
-- R. Leach
When I got home from the hospital, Teresa’s meals were waiting.  They were so easy to serve and tasted wonderful.  What a lifesaver for a recovering mother!
-- D. Calahan
We love our home and it is just so nice to stay put at the end of the day and not have to go back out for dinner…. The kids get their homework done and can play right up to mealtime rather than sitting in a booth waiting.  We love Teresa’s service!
-- J. Schofield
Teresa has been a godsend.  I love good food, but hate to cook!  The TV dinners all start to taste like the box after a while and the selection is limited.  I work full time and go to school, having Teresa as my Personal Chef fits perfect with my lifestyle!
-- S. Jameson
We tried the “Assemble-A-Meal” establishments but it was a hassle going out to put the meals together and in the end, those meals just weren’t up to our standards. My kids are picky eaters and it makes it hard for me to enjoy cooking for them. When we tried Teresa I was amazed that they ate everything and liked it! It was then that we knew we had found our solution, the meals are absolutely great and easy to fix!
-- S. Martinez