How Your Personal Chef Service Works

Preparing great meals that fit your needs and satisfy your family don’t happen by accident.  I aim, right from the beginning, to deliver what you are looking for with a minimum of trail and error.  I achieve this by being thorough, inquisitive, and caring through your Client Assessment process.

The Food Questionnaire.
I will ask you to fill out a Food Questionnaire on your own.  This helps me to get background information on your tastes, likes and dislikes, dietary needs, spice intensity levels, food allergies, and food preferences for yourself and your family.

The In-Home Assessment.
When we meet, we will go over your Food Questionnaire, and fill in any uncertain areas.  This will help me find out every detail about your food preferences, food sensitivities, and your goals in hiring a Personal Chef.  We will identify some of your favorite entrees and set up the time for our first cook.  Another important step during this visit is for us to check out the lay out of your kitchen and cover security issues.

The First Menu.
After our in-home meeting, I will prepare a preliminary menu with entrees and sides for your approval.  After we have made any necessary changes, then we are set for our first cook.  The typical menu consists of 5 entrees, with 4 portions each with appropriate sides; however, I can customize that combination to your needs.

The First Cook.
The morning of the first cook session I will come to your kitchen with freshly purchased ingredients, my own professional equipment, and start cooking.  Once your meals are cooked, then I will cool, portion, package and label each item, and then either refrigerate or freeze your selections.  I will leave you a complete menu of what I have prepared, complete with heating instructions for each item.

Follow Up
I appreciate and need feedback after you have eaten your meals as this allows me to make the necessary adjustments to match your tastes.  You can either email, fax, or call me with your feedback.  My personal chef menus are such that you can have something different each time or strike a balance between repeating your family’s favorites and discovering new ones.